Nativa y Escondida

The concept is quite different from the rest: the purpose is to offer the guest a jungle experience. You can easily drive and park your car in front of your room. While tall glass windows allows for the view out, rest assured the cleverly situated suite to ensure maximum privacy. Things there become especially cosy when the weather turns inclement. Imagine the sound of raindrops on the wood as you drink a typical argentinian mate.


These rooms are composed of two modules: "Nativa" cabin and "Escondida" cabin that can be reserved separately or together. These cabins have: a double bed and a single bed, a desk, bathroom with amenities, ceiling fan, wooden floor, private deck, private parking in the vicinity. It is located in the forest about 50 meters from the rest of the complex. The wifi signal does not reach those cabins. They do not have a view of the river.

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