We thank our friends and partners who from the beginning of our beautiful adventure accompanied us and helped us improve our services and attention.

Our wines

Pirque House is our main winery, its wines allow the guest to discover the best of the French and Argentine strains, union of two cultures, two families and two strains: Baron de Rothschild and Nicolás Catena.


Many of our photos of the Lodge and its surroundings were captured by Travel Blogger Walter "CheToba" De Boever. Pioneer of the landscape photography and online since 2007 he travels the country showing the best places to travel as a family and take pictures of landscapes and nature. Currently developing a new passion, bird watching tourism.


Most of the paintings of the Lodge are the work of the French-Argentinean artist Zaira Vieytes. He currently resides in the south of France. She was a student of Horacio Butler and art teacher at the School of Political Sciences in Paris.

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