Welcome to one of the destinations selected as the secret wonder of Argentina, the Moconá Falls, located within the Yaboty Biosphere. We are a jungle boutique hotel located 6 kilometers from El Soberbio and 60 kilometers from the Saltos del Moconá Provincial Park. The lodge guarantees the hygiene measures recommended by health protocols. In turn, you can ask guests who present symptoms related to the covid19 virus, not to show up at the hotel, their reservation will be valid within three months. Please read all the information on the web before booking, we are a jungle house for people over 12 years old, eco-friendly with nature.

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Placed in the forest of Misiones, Argentina, El Soberbio Lodge is a perfect blend of Art, Nature and personalised service that will make your stay an unforgettable experience. From its wide lobby you will enjoy an amazing view of the native forest and the citronella fields surrounded by the Uruguay River and the coast of Brazil. The structure is situated on a 30 hectares in the paranaense jungle with 7 km of guided trails.

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