How to get

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How to get there

How to get
Once in the center of El Soberbio (El mastil) take Route 2 in the direction of the Moconá falls.

We are 6 km from the town center. Passing the stream of El Soberbio.

After the first Mirador, take the first exit on your right.

There is a sign at the entrance. Passing the large gate, there is only 700m of dirt stuck to reach the hotel, it is passable with any vehicle and weather condition.

Coordinates: 27.250112 / 54.184690

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  • The Lodge / El Soberbio: 6 km
  • The Superb / Saltos del Moconá: 69 km
  • The Proud / Inns: 250 km
  • El Soberbio / San Igancio: 175 km
  • The Soberbio / Iguazú: 290 km
  • The Superb / Wanda Mines: 295 km
  • The Superb / Obera 156 km